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"Butterside Down is a romantic comedy - about grief. Four Weddings 'With' A Funeral it’s sharp, funny, brutal and irreverent."

In the aftermath of Liv’s untimely death, her boyfriend, Adam, her best friend Cat and her sister Sally, negotiate everything from a raucous wake, to releasing her worldly goods to the Jewish Women’s League.

Running the gauntlet of the five stages of grief, the thirtysomething trio compete for who ranks highest on The Grief Meter, reveal hidden unspeakable truths and fail to agree on epitaphs and the allocation of earrings. Ending up in cupboards, on trains and in the emptiest Indian restaurant in England, Butterside Down explores how the young are ill equipped to lose each other. And whether, when you’ve lost the love of your life, your sense of humor can keep you alive.

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Butterside Down performances are at The Cherry Lane Studio Theatre.

Butterside Down is a workshop production: Developed with the support of New York Stage and Film & Vassar's Powerhouse Season Summer 2016.  The original play was developed under the title Good Grief.

Wed 10th, Thurs 11th, Fri 12th, Sat 13th, January 2018 at 7.00pm. Sun 14th at 3pm. 

Wed 17th, Thurs 18th, Fri 19th, Sat 20th January 2018  at 7.00pm. Sun 21st at 3pm.

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Director: Traci Mariano

Cast: William McKinney, Lorien Haynes, Emma Deigman.

Producer: Travis Leete, Justin Sintic. 

The Cherry Lane Theatre, 38 Commerce Street, NYC, NY, 10014.

Butterside Down is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Any profits beyond covering the cost of this production will be donated to Breast Cancer Care

Butterside Down is also proud to partner with Parity Productions and announce our creative team exemplifies gender parity. Check us out on Parity Productions list of qualifying productions:

Rehearsals start in Los Angeles on Nov 6th. Check below for our daily updates, photo gallery and rehearsal footage.

Cat draws and talks.

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Painting by Harland Miller

Poster design - Laura Jarrad

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